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Austin's memorials...

There are a few basic ground rules that should be considered when selecting a Memorial for either a Cemetery or a Churchyard.

Cemeteries are council maintained and usually allow any natural material. However, memorials must comply with the sizes laid down by the cemetery regulations, which, in many cases, restrict the use of full kerbstones. You will notice that the granite memorials are shown in many different colours and designs; these are all interchangeable, although some motifs will not show clearly on lighter coloured stones.

Granite is very hard and durable and therefore not affected by weathering and is easy to maintain. The slightly softer white marble, however, lends itself to more intricate designs and allows delicate carvings and details.

Memorials in churchyards...

Permission for memorials can only be given by the local incumbent if they comply with the rules laid down by the local diocese. Memorials with an unpolished finish are allowed in churchyards, and in some areas designs are restricted to a simple motif or cross. However, it is possible to apply for a Faculty (special permission) direct to the diocese in certain circumstances. Suitable materials include dark, mid and light granites, Yorkstone or Purbeck. White marble memorials are not permitted but designs in Nabresina, which is buff coloured, are quite acceptable.

We offer a selection of Stone Designs and Stone Samples.

Austin’s artificial memorial flower arrangements

A good quality collection of small artificial flower arrangements designed for Harwood Park but suitable for any crematorium or cemetry. The flower arrangements come in two size pots and have been designed to fit standard memorial pots. Just remove the silver inner pot on the memorial and drop in the artificial flower arrangement for a lovely display. Perfect for those times when flowers are scarce or you cannot visit to replace flowers.

Austin’s artificial memorial flower arrangements designed and created by Daizy can now be purchased online. Below are some examples of our artificial memorial flowers, to view the full collection and to place your order online please click here »

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The Austin’s artificial memorial flower arrangements
Designed and Created by Daizy

  • Artificial memorial flowers - Courtenay
  • Artificial memorial flowers - Jeanette
  • Artificial memorial flowers - Jessica
  • Artificial memorial flowers - Melissa
  • Artificial memorial flowers - Natalie