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Pre-payment Funeral Plans customised to your requirements

The plan...

The Austin Family have been funeral directors in Hertfordshire for over 300 years. The Hertfordshire Funeral Plan is a pre-payment funeral plan exclusive to Austin’s Funeral Directors. Unlike many other plans available, The Hertfordshire Funeral Plan is customised specifically to your requirements. There are no set arrangements and the details of the plan can be as simple, or elaborate, as you wish.

The options...

You may talk through the options with one of our funeral administrators by calling in to any Austin’s funeral office. You may prefer to find out more by telephoning us or we will be happy to visit you at home. Whichever you choose, the details of the funeral in your plan are discussed in much the same way as any other funeral. The funeral administrator will provide you with a written estimate. The cost of the funeral will be quoted in accordance with the current Austin’s price list. The estimate will be fully inclusive of the funeral charges and a contribution towards the third party charges (crematorium and cemetery charges and fees for doctors and ministers). Further options may also be included in the plan such as obituary notices and funeral stationery.

Time to consider...

Following the initial meeting you will receive a draft of the plan arrangements for your approval. There is no rush. You may wish to take time to discuss your wishes with family or friends. Changes can easily be made prior to finalising the plan.

Confirming the arrangements...

Once you are completely happy with the contents of the plan, and payment has been made, you will receive full details of the arrangements in the form of a certificate. Copies will also be available to give to your family or solicitor.

When the time comes...

Having expressed your wishes in advance, when the time comes, the proceedings will be greatly simplified for your family and friends. Your next of kin will contact Austin’s advising us that you have a Hertfordshire Funeral Plan. We will then take care of the wishes expressed in your plan.

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Common questions and answers...

Is the plan secure?

Although the Hertfordshire Funeral Plan is operated in conjunction with Austin’s Funeral Service, its fund and administration are protected under an independent trust. The administration of the Trust and investment of its assets are undertaken by professional trustees.

What if I move to a different area?

If you move to an area not serviced by Austin’s, on death, the current value of the plan may be claimed by the local funeral director carrying out the arrangements.

Must I be in good health to take out a plan?

No. A Hertfordshire Funeral Plan may be taken out by anyone regardless of age or state of health.

Can I change my mind about the arrangements?

Yes. Changes may be made by contacting Austin’s.

When do I pay for the plan?

Payment is made in full on confirmation of the arrangements.

What if I die away from home or on holiday?

The plan will cover returning you from anywhere in the United Kingdom to your home area. Should you die whilst overseas, the plan includes collecting you from any UK mainland port or airport. You should be insured when travelling overseas. The Hertfordshire Funeral Plan can not include charges for air or sea travel.

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Summary of the declaration of trust...

W.Austin and Sons (Stevenage) Limited ('the Company') has established a funeral pre-payment scheme ('the Scheme') under which the Company’s clients may arrange and pre-pay funeral services in accordance with the provisions of the Scheme known as The Hertfordshire Funeral Plan. Under the Scheme the Company agrees to remit pre-payments from clients to independent Trustees who hold those payments on trust to provide the funeral services on the death of the plan member.

The Trustees are two qualified solicitors who are independent of the Company.

Pre-payments are invested under the terms of a Declaration of Trust and on the death of a client the Company will be paid the pre-payment together with all income and gains allotted less deductions for administrative charges. Administrative charges are currently 5% of the pre-paid sum. In addition the Trustees are entitled to deduct and pay to the Company up to 15% of the gross annual income earned on prepayment sums as a contribution towards administrative expenses incurred by the Company under the terms of the scheme.

The entire value of the Trust Fund is maintained in cash or gilts or in such investments, as are Trustee Investments under the Trustee Investments Act. The Trust Fund consists of identifiable balances relating to each client’s funeral plan.

For further details, please contact us.

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